3 Quick Ways to Perk Up Your Email Marketing Efforts

3 Quick Ways to Perk Up Your Email Marketing Efforts

This article discusses three tips for email marketing. These tips were:

  1. Create a dedicated subscriber page. 
  2. Send a simple newsletter that features great, useful content
  3. Email your list more often

The article also has internal and external links to informative articles. If you have some time, read the comments too. Some people shared great opinions and their own experiences regarding emails. 

This was a great read and I give it 4.5/5.


5 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages for Humans and Search Engines

5 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages for Humans and Search Engines

This article shares some simple, yet hugely effective ways to optimize product pages to increase sales, and rank higher in the search engines. Structuring and presenting your products correctly for both search engines and humans is absolutely vital when it comes to ranking well and converting browsers into buyers. The five tips are: 

  1. Upgrade Your Image
  2. Play the Word Game
  3. Keep it Real
  4. Show Your Wares, But Keep It Uncluttered
  5. Go the Extra Mile

This article has useful information and I give it a 3.5/5.

20 Bitesize Tips for a Better Home Page

This article provides creative articles and blogs about digital marketing, SEO and content marketing. This specific articles provides 20 bite size tips for a better home page. The tips are split up into four sections: layout & structure, copy, visuals & design and Social Proof & Trust Factors.